Hospital Services

Global Neuro-Diagnostics offers an array of other EEG services to physicians and hospitals

GND is a one-stop solution for all of our clients' EEG needs. GND's expertise and capabilities uniquely position it to provide other services such as Remote Monitoring, ICU Monitoring, Detailed Video EEG Technical Descriptions, and cloud-based test results. Our services are specifically designed to help hospitals and physicians improve efficiency, improve results, and reduce costs.

Hospital Services Offered:​

  • Bedside Video EEG Recording
  • In-Patient & Out-Patient Video EEG
  • Stat & Call EEG Coverage
  • Physician Preliminary Interpretation
  • Interpreting efficiency with Technical Descriptions
  • Remotely Monitored Virtual EMU
  • Remotely Monitored Virtual ICU
  • Shared Live Session Reviewing​

Hospital Services Benefits:

  • Reduces overall costs for hospitals
  • Reduces hospital staffing costs
  • Reduces readmission rates
  • Instant EMU with no upfront costs
  • Maximizes profitability of existing cases in the EMU
  • Increases the Number of Patients Referred to the EMU
  • Expands hospital's geographic reach
  • Maximizes EMU & ICU monitoring availability