24-Hour Access Number: 972-616-4632

Global Neuro-Diagnostics is ideal for patients who like more convenience and flexibility, more accurate test results, better patient care and wellness and lower testing costs.

More Convenience & Flexibility
Our testing services are performed in the COMFORT and PRIVACY of your home. Our tests are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Services can be provided within 24 hours. Patients are not confined to a hospital room and have complete freedom of movement during the recording. Patients can maintain normal home activities and minimize time off from work.

More Accurate Test Results
GND is the only company utilizing its patented VideoLink technology that optimizes test results. Additionally, patients benefit by being in their own environment where their seizures have occurred in the past. They are exposed to the same stressors as they would normally encounter which is proven to be helpful in capturing seizure events.

Patient Care & Wellness are our First Priority
A professional and courteous technologist will come to your home for testing set up and disconnect. Our testing services are specially designed to provide a safer testing experience. Patients are given a 24/7 phone number (972-616-4632) to reach a GND technologist. Home EEG testing is comfortable for patients, provides a real-world environment that yields more useful data and avoids the risk of potential seizures while driving to the hospital.

Saves you Money 
Our tests are substantially lower cost than alternative services such as testing done in hospitals. Additionally, patients will save time and money associated with driving to and staying at the hospital.