Physician Next Step Instructions


Getting Started
If you would like to talk to us about how to get started, you can call us anytime at: 866-848-2522 ext. 114.
Patient Referral
If you have a patient that you would like us to test for you just download a Physician Order Form and fax it to us at: 877-290-1544.
First Order
If this is your first order, please give us a call either before or after you fax the order to ensure that we received the order. This is what you should expect:

  1. Your staff faxes an order to our office
  2. We fax your office a confirmation that the order was received
  3. We make the first attempt to contact the patient within 24 hours
  4. We fax your office and let you know when your patient is scheduled
  5. We perform the study at the patient’s home
  6. We email the physician when the study is ready and available on the server
  7. We email your office a billing flowsheet detailing exact type of service, dates, and codes